Photography Interview with QWIRKI & CO

Photography Interview with QWIRKI & CO

Product photography is a critical element for businesses to showcase their products and entice customers. A well-executed product photo can make a product look appealing, professional, and high-quality, which can drive sales and improve customer trust. 


We’ve sat down and talked to Liv from Qwirki & Co., who is known for her exceptional product photography for many businesses within Australia. See below for an insight into her approach, techniques, and tips for creating stunning product photos with backdrops & props.



How do you stay up-to-date with the latest photography techniques and trends?

There are so many incredible photographers out there with so much insight and experience within the industry. Most of the time I learn new techniques via following their socials as they often share lots of tutorial posts and reels. As a self taught photographer it is so important for me to spend time at least once a week watching, learning and practicing my craft to better myself and skills for my clients.


What do you enjoy shooting the most?

This is an easy one! CANDLES! There are so many ways to photograph candles, but my favourite is curating, feminine, luxe shots. 

candle  product imagery taken with roses and a pink vinyl photography backdrop by backdrop collective


What props do you get the most use out of?

My favourite style of photography is soft light, feminine and natural, so almost every shoot that I do includes some form of stone prop. The ones that I use the most as my Limestone and Travertine props.


What backdrop can you not live without?

The Sand and Stone backdrop from Backdrop Collective is a must have. This is my most used backdrop out of my entire collection. The neutral tones are so versatile and easy to work with. My other must have backdrop is Double White. This is ideal for plain ecommerce photography. SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE!



Other than your camera and lens, what else do you carry in your camera bag?

Spare battery, backup SD card and a couple of different lenses. 


How do you combat unwanted shadows?

Artificial light. When I first started out I bought a couple of cheap soft boxes and placed them on each side of the photography set. This was great for a while but as my work progressed I decided to invest in larger, brighter continuous lighting.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Generally I draw inspiration from the product itself. For example, if I’m shooting a handmade soap, I will look for what ingredients make it unique and see how I can incorporate them into the set, such as dried rose petals. 

product photography with rust red vinyl photography backdrop

(Backdrop: Rust)

Do you prefer to shoot horizontally or portrait and why?

I personally prefer to shoot portrait as it works well for social media imagery (4:5 ratio). However, horizontal imagery is great for website banner imagery so generally I do a combination of the two.


Do you prefer natural or artificial lighting?

That’s an easy one! I love shooting in natural light and highly recommend trying it for your DIY photography as:

  • It's free: Unlike artificial lighting equipment, natural light is readily available and doesn't cost anything to use.
  • It's flattering: Natural light is softer and more flattering than harsh, artificial light, (this is the main reason why I love it so much).
  • It's versatile: Natural light can be used to create a variety of moods and effects depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and location.



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