Any questions or disputes relating to a gift card purchase or redemption must be e-mailed to


General Gift Card Terms

The Gift Cards:

(i) are not reloadable;
(ii) are not redeemable for cash;
(iii) do not include any activation fees or added service fees, or fees that reduce the value of the card over time;
(iv) will not be used to compensate you for unshipped merchandise instead of providing refunds;
(v) include on the face of the Gift Card the applicable funds/card expiration date.
(vi) are single-use and closed-loop (i.e., the Gift Card may only be used at and for purchase of goods and services from Back Drop Collective and no other merchant or company)
(vii) are offered as physical and virtual versions

Giftcard Delivery

The standard gift card is a virtual Gift Card, and will be delivered to the person/company that has purchased the Gift Card via the e-mail address used at time of purchase. It is the purchasers responsibility to forward the virtual Gift Card to the gift recipient. We will not forward onto any other e-mail.

From time to time there may be an option to purchase a physical Gift Card. If this is selected, the Gift Card will be mailed out to the purchaser and a virtual copy also sent to the purchaser's e-mail address. It is the purchasers responsibility to forward both Gift Cards to the gift recipient. We will not forward on to any other physical address or e-mail address.


Lost/Stolen Gift cards

If a Gift Card is reported lost, and it has not been used, we will delete the Gift Card from our system and reissue a new Gift Card. The cost of the reissue will be borne by the purchaser.

If a Gift Card is reported lost, but has already been redeemed in our system, then NO refund or replacement will be offered. If upon investigation the Gift Card was determined to be STOLEN, we will assist a police investigation as required (while adhering to our privacy obligations).

If a physical Gift Card is mailed out, but not recieved with 14 days, we will reissue the physical Gift Card provided it has not been redeemed. If redeemed by a third-party, we will consider STOLEN and the above policy applies.

If upon investigation the Gift Card was determined to be sent to an incorrect address, we will cancel the original gift-card and reissue you a new one (both physical and virtual versions).


What to do if you recieve a gift-card by mistake?

If a virtual Gift Card is recieved, please forward the e-mail to, then delete the virtual Gift Card.

If a physical Gift Card is recieved, please e-mail with a picture of the Gift Card and/or destroy the Gift Card so the reference numbers are not recognisable.

If you recieve a Gift Card that does not belong to you, and you redeem the Gift Card for product at our store, we will consider that Gift Card STOLEN and follow any police procedures as necessary.