Using stone props in product photography

Using stone props in product photography

Using stone props in product photography can add a natural and organic element to your images, which can help your products stand out and create a more visually appealing composition.

Travertine, Tuscan and White Limestone stone props are a great choice for product photography because of their unique texture and neutral colour. They have a honed, smooth side and a rough, porous side creating two different looks. They can be used in a back or foreground as a prop or as a surface to place your products on, providing a clean and stylish look.

stone and acrylic photography props with brushed concrete backdrop

When using stone props in product photography, it is important to consider the following:


    • Colour: Enhance the overall aesthetic - The colour of the stone prop can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your photoshoot. Selecting a colour that complements the product being photographed can create a visually appealing composition that catches the eye of your audience. Which stone suits your products? Our Travertine provides a warm, creamy colour, White Limestone is an off-white with natural beige specs and our Tuscan is a warm desert sand look.
    • Texture: Choosing a stone prop with a texture that complements the product being photographed can create a cohesive composition that highlights the product's features and bring out all the best features of both the product and the prop. The texture of a stone prop can also help establish the mood of the image. A rough, jagged texture may create a more rugged or natural feel, while a smooth, polished texture may convey a sense of luxury or sophistication.
    • Size: Consider the size of your stone prop in relation to your product. If the prop is too small, it may not provide enough surface area for your product to be displayed. If it is too large, it can overwhelm the image and detract from your product. Finding a happy medium is easy with our mini, small, medium and large pieces.
    • Lighting: Proper lighting is key in any product photography. The right lighting can create a particular mood or atmosphere that complements the prop and the overall feel of the photograph. Such as warm, soft lighting for a cozy scene or bright, dramatic lighting for a high-energy scene. Be conscious of light and positioning to ensure you aren't casting any unwanted shadows across your products or backdrops.


    Overall, using stone props in product photography can help you create beautiful and compelling images that showcase your products in a unique and visually appealing way. Check out our Instagram for examples of photography using stone props by us, and our clever customers!