When it comes to food photography, the right backdrop can make whatever is on the plate look even more delicious. The backdrops and whatever props you include should work together to elevate your main imagery. These additions are a helpful tool to take your photography to the next level!

Backdrops form the foundation of your composition, and in terms of your food, they are what you will build your food story upon. Food needs to look so delicious in a photo that it inspires the person viewing it to want to replicate it. This is more than just a tummy grumble; it is a lifestyle choice. The setting that your food is in says to the viewer "hey, our products can make your next dinner get together look this stylish" - and so on.

So let's dive into the world of food photography backdrops and how to achieve the perfect setting.

What makes the perfect backdrop for a food photography shoot?

As with any professional photoshoot, many elements need to work together to create a great shot. We offer a range of stunning options that can help you find the perfect fit for your shoot!
Here are the most important elements when it comes to your food photography background:

1. Texture

Food backdrops that have textures are always a great choice. They can be spots, grain and other elements that make the scene more interesting but not overly distracting. You always want to avoid over-textured backgrounds as they will pull the attention away from the food you are trying to make people notice. 
When you find the right bit of texture for your aesthetic, it can become an important element of the overall composition. We offer a range of textured vinyl backdrops that come in varieties of marble, concrete, tile and wood to help you find the perfect look.

food photography backdrops concrete

2. Colour
Food can come to life and look very fresh when placed on background colours that are cool, neutral and desaturated. The right backdrop always needs to match your story first and foremost, so this can require some pop, but a safe play to bring out the wonderful colours of your food is always to work with cooler tones.
Our range of solid backgrounds helps to achieve both of these things. You'll find the perfect colours to set against, whichever colours are in the meal or products you are shooting.


3. Rustic or Clean
There are always plenty of background options when it comes to food photography, which can be both a good and bad thing. Rustic backgrounds are very popular in food photography to help tell a story or create the right aesthetic to match the meal. At the same time, clean backgrounds can be just as beautiful for the reasons detailed in the last point. 
We recommend finding a balance between these two background options so you avoid shoots that are too sterile or any surfaces that the viewer wouldn't feel safe eating off. Our DIY bundle deals are the perfect way to get a range of backdrop options for a low price. As all of our vinyl backdrops are double-sided, you'll have eight options to work with all in one bundle. 

4. Timber
Wooden food photography backdrops are always a good choice as they offer a pleasing texture and colour that works for both a rustic or more formal look. Whether you are replicating the picnic bench or an indoor dining situation, the look of a beautiful would and an even more beautiful plate of food go together perfectly.

5. Size

When it comes to food photography, a large backdrop isn't necessary. Our photography vinyl backdrops are 700x900mm, which is the perfect size for camera angles from above or level with the food. They also roll easily into a tube for simple transport when you need to do a shoot on the go at cafes and restaurants.

6. Construction
A good food photography background should be durable because food can get messy. Our vinyl backdrops are waterproof, stain-proof, and pretty much indestructible, so should there be a mishap or unfortunate spill, you can simply wipe them clean and continue on with the shoot.

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