Thank you for purchasing the Backdrop Bar from Backdrop Collective. This is a first-of-its-kind product in the vinyl backdrop market, and has been designed to make your photoshoot as easy as possible.

Please read all the below instructions & warnings to ensure you get the most out of your Backdrop Bar and minimise the risk of damaging your Backdrop Collective vinyl backdrops.

Instructions for use

Each set comes with 2 pairs of bars. Each pair has a top bar and a bottom bar, although they are interchangeable and aren’t marked top and bottom.

The vinyl backdrop will sit between the top and bottom bar, held together by the magnets. The bars should arrive with you connected as a pair:

  1. Separate the first pair of bars, and lay one flat on the ground.
  2. Line up the short edge of your Backdrop Collective vinyl backdrop with the bar, keeping one hand of the backdrop to stop it curling and flattening the backdrops edge against the bar. The bar should not be visible.
  3. Place second bar in the pair on the top of flattened backdrop edge, lined up with the bottom bar. The magnets should click together if lined up correctly. If they aren’t lined up correctly, DO NOT try to drag the bar into place. Simply remove the top bar and try again.
  4. Once first bar is in place, flatten out the vinyl back drop to opposite edge. Do not attempt to attach the second Backdrop Bar unless the backdrop is rolled flat and withour creases.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 on the second backdrop edge.

Once both Weighted Backdrop Bars are in place, your vinyl backdrop should be flattened out and held firmly in a flat position.



The Backdrop Bars will allow you to arrange your vinyl backdrops in several ways once they are attached:

  • You can pick up the bars to flip over to the second side – which you’ll be doing with the double-sided Backdrop Collective backdrops
  • The main use will be for flatlay, holding the backdrops flat during indoor and outdoor shoots.
  • You can place one of the sides on a raised area, to allow for vertical shoots (more likely for flat colours). This can also create the illusion of the backdrop bending (see below examples)


To remove/separate

  • Place one hand on the backdrop
  • Gently lift the edge of the top bar away from the backdrop center on the first pair
  • Gently lift the edge of the top bar away from the backdrop center on the second pair
  • Lift away your backdrop and place into safe storage
  • Reconnect the top bar and bottom bar into their pairs, ready for storage.



  • Improper use can permanently damage your backdrops.
  • Please be gentle when placing and removing the Weighted Backdrop Bars.
  • Please use slow, gentle movements when rearranging the backdrops when the bars are attached.
  • DO NOT DRAG the bars across your backdrop.
  • SOME MARKING MAY STILL OCCUR, however if placement is correct, it will be on 25mm space on each edge. Damage to this area of the backdrop shouldn’t affect the performance of the product, and Backdrop Collective won’t replace product where this occurs. Any marking outside of this space would be a result of incorrect use.
  • If the magnets leave slight marks on your backdrops, simply clean the backdrops as normal with a mild spray and microfibre cloth. This still may not remove the mark.
  • When storing with backdrops in tube, please wrap the Weighted Backdrop Bars in the original bubblewrap packaging to prevent damage to your backdrops.
  • The Bars are used to weigh down your backdrops, which can be useful when doing outdoor flatlay shoots. However, high winds may still cause damage.
  • There is no guarantee these bars will work with vinyl backdrops produced by other companies. These have been designed to match the size and weight of Backdrop Collective backdrops. Use with backdrops from other companies may result in irreversible damage to those backdrops.