How to style a shoot using photography props

How to style a shoot using photography props

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but an overly busy, bland or boring photo can have the reverse effect. This is why it’s important to get your photography styling just right. 

Overdo it and the product you’re trying to hero can get lost. Under-do it and photos can be a little lacklustre or boring. And nobody’s going to stop scrolling for a bland photo. 

This is where props come in. Whether you’re going for a modern, minimalist or monochrome aesthetic, our natural stone and acrylic photography props (paired with our double-sided vinyl backdrops) can enhance your imagery by adding subtle texture, depth and detail, without making your photos look cluttered or kitsch. And the best part? They’re so simple to incorporate into your next shoot. 

Here’s our guide to styling with photography props.

  1. Set up your backdrop: For this shoot we used our Dusty Rose and Shadow backdrops to compliment the simplicity and neutral tones of the Saura soy candles. (Pro tip: we used painter’s tape to stick ours to the wall as it comes off without removing any paint).
  2. Add light: If you’re shooting at home and don’t have a lot of natural night, it’s worth investing in a portable ring light (you can pick these up for as little as $50) to give your photos an ambient glow. (Pro tip: we were shooting in the middle of the day so the lighting was a little harsh. To mitigate this we strategically chose our Shadows backdrop to create a seamless look.) 
  3. Play around with composition: Start by placing your hero products in the frame then use props to add layers. Our acrylic circles, arches and natural stone props come in a range of colours, sizes and finishes so they’re ideal for adding a touch of understated elegance to any shoot. Mix and match sizes until you find an arrangement you like. (Pro tip: Use household items to lean the props against, such as kids toy blocks or kitchen glassware.) 
  4. Change it up: If the composition isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to move things around. Play with heights and textures until you get the look right. We used our Travertine stone props to elevate the candles and add texture, paired with our acrylic circle props for some subtle detail in this shoot. 
  5. Hide unwanted reflection: If you’re shooting with glass or mirrors (such as our rose gold mirror arch), pay attention to the reflection. To hide any unwanted mirroring, lift up the edge of your backdrop so that the reflective surface mirrors the backdrop and not the room. 


Head to our blog for more information on how to use our props and backdrops, or shop the range here.