What backdrop to use for product photography

What backdrop to use for product photography

Standing out product photos is an important vehicle in the sales mechanism. The quality of your visual presentation is essential to reinforce the brand and perceive the value your products deserve.

No matter if it’s with a professional camera or mobile phone, showcase your product using a backdrop will give personality and optimize the perception of the size and colour of your product.

Beyond the different ideas or ways to show them, one of the most important things is to look for your photographs to have a visual identity that connects to your brand.

Check out these tips to choose the perfect backdrop for your new product launch!

peach backdropChoose backdrop colors that won’t let the product swallowed

Although white backdrops are the most used on e-commerce images due to its effectively to show more details and true color of a product. White is not perfect for social media ads since it doesn’t bring identity to your brand.

Neutral backdrops like grey and pastel palette enhances the product’s image with calm and warm feeling yet highlighting the product and making it more appealing.

 Dark colors bring elegance and contrast when used for products that are shiny, white, silver, etc. The dramatic impact of a dark backdrop can help the photographer to create a gloomy and mysterious scene.

Grab attention with Textured Backdrops

technology backdropCreative, bright and textured backdrops can give your product  “brand identity”, and its mostly recommended for social media feeds, where you find highly.

Textures like marble and concrete adds up a cool and icy vibe to your product photography. This is a great option to consider if you’re showing off tech or lifestyle products.



Timber backdrops are a great alternative to add mood and style to your images, because it gives an idea of how the product will look in the real world. So customers can imagine how the product will look on their wooden surface. The natural of its texture will amplify the product and give a fresh appear.

Be cautious with busy background with a lot of elements, since they can divert the attention from the product to the background.

Use backdrops for themed and festive seasons

christmas backdrop

Most brands explore festive seasons to launch new products or promotions. Having a themed shoot is great to call attention for your customers.

Yellow and light blue shades are effective backdrop colors for upbeat and positive vibes of summer or spring. Pattern backdrops for Christmas can add festive cheer to your brand.

Combine backdrops with elements that resemble the festive season – Christmas props, stones, flowers and sand can elevate the value of your product by bringing a sense of authenticity to it.

Authenticity is the key

Backdrops are an essential element for product photography that may go unnoticed but will surely add to the overall presentation and enhance the brand value. Whether you go simple with neutral backdrops or more creative with textured ones, there are infinite options to bring authenticity to your photography and transmit the purpose and value of your brand.